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WOZ value 

The WOZ value is determined on the basis of the economic value, free of rent and use. For the WOZ value 2017, the value reference date is 1 January 2016.

In view of the situation on the housing market, you should expect, subject to special circumstances, that the WOZ value 2017 is higher than the WOZ value of 2016. If the WOZ value is much higher, then it is recommended to check where this is coming. On the website of the municipality you can view or download the valuation report of your home. When checking, pay attention to the following aspects:
• Are the data used, such as year of construction, destination, surface area and volume, building materials, energy label and the like, correct?
• Has sufficient account been taken of any value-reducing factors such as overdue maintenance, presence of asbestos, location and the like?
• Are the comparison objects used actually comparable to your home?

Income tax return
For your income tax declaration 2016, you should not use this year’s WOZ decision, but the 2015 decision.

House rental value

If you own an owner-occupied home, you pay an additional tax with the notional rental value. The notional rental value, that is the addition to the income for homeowners, is derived from the WOZ value of the home. For the income tax return 2015, the notional rental value is 0.75% over the WOZ value between € 75,000 and € 1,050,000 of your home. If the WOZ value is higher than € 1,050,000, the notional rental value is € 7,350 plus 2.05% of the WOZ value above € 1,050,000.

The notional rental value has fortunately not increased since 2016 and will remain the same in 2018. From 2013 to 2015, the increases were substantial.

If you believe that the municipality has set the WOZ value of your home too high, object. Your notice of objection must be received by the municipality within six weeks of the date of the WOZ decision.

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