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A Follow-up Wage tax Payroll taxes

B Sales tax

F Postage tax VAT

H Income tax / national insurance premium

J Refund Wage tax Wage tax

K Wealth tax

L Payroll tax

M Motor vehicle tax

O Turnover tax refund

S Premium health insurance scheme for the self-employed (up to and including 2005)

T Surcharge

V Corporate tax

W Health Insurance Act (just a tax)

Y Motor vehicle tax withholding tax

Z Other


The attack numbers all start with the tax number and for a private persson / company with the BSN (social security number).

Immediately after the letter, the first number indicates the year. eg:

H.20 to H.25 concerns the provisional income tax assessment 2012.

H.26 concerns the final assessment 2012.

H.27 to H.29 the post-acceptance assessment.


B.02 = the second VAT number

B.01.2240 = sales tax declaration 2nd quarter 2012

A.01.2090 = Additional income tax contribution September 2012


Moanda declaration

010 tm 120 = January m December


Quarterly return

210 = 1st quarter

240 = 2nd quarter

270 = 3rd quarter

300 = 4th quarter


Annual declaration

400 = annual declaration


Supplement declaration

500 = supplement declaration


710 tm 830 = period 1 (770) tm period 13 (830) for a 4-week declaration

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