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Deductibility of start-up costs when starting your own company as a ZZPer or DGA of your BV

Many self-employed people do not know which of the costs they can deduct at the start of their business. That leaves them hundreds of euros.
How do you ensure that you make maximum use of the ‘starting costs’ deduction post?

Before the start of your business, so before you register at the Chamber of Commerce and a VAT number has been issued by the tax authorities, you will incur start-up costs.
What are the start-up costs? These are costs that you make once only to be able to set up your company. You have to be able to prove it, so keep your hours and save the receipts so that you can add them later in the administration.
Example of start-up costs:

  • Travel costs and km declarations
  • Lunch dinners (with relationship / client)
  • Telephone costs (TIP see BudgetPhone.nl)
  • Office costs
  • Website / web hosting
  • Printing
  • Legal advice costs / Notary

    The same applies to VAT as long as the invoice has the correct ascription. If there is no correct ascription, you must pay for an account that is in your name (not in cash).

    TIP: Costs are deductible but you still pay more than half yourself.

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