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Redemption of small pension is very common at the moment. The question then arises whether the amount paid is correct?

See art 66 of the Pensions Act http://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0020809/Hoofdstuk4/43/Artikel66</a >

With a small pension, pension funds can purchase your pension.

The surrender limit (2013) is a maximum of € 451.22 per year from the pensionable age.

Situations in which your permission is required for surrender are:

  • Pension accrual stopped for 2007
  • Pension benefit has already started
  • Redemption is the pension agreement excluded

    We can calculate this for our clients.For the calculation we need:

    • Writing pension company regarding the buyout
    • Latest pension overview
    • Date of birth
    • Sex
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