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The deductibility of mortgages is changing, what is going to change briefly?

We have various types of mortgage loans, including the savings mortgage, the investment mortgage, the annuity mortgage, the interest-only mortgage and the linear mortgage.
So far, no difference has been made in the way in which the financing of an owner-occupied home has been drawn up.

What will change from 1/1/2013: 

  1. The commission will soon be no longer deductible
  2. The interest deduction goes down by 0.5% per year in 2014
  3. The loan must be repaid at least in 30 years (360 months)
  4. Abolishment of endowment insurance investment rights owner-occupied home from box1 to box3! 
  5. Lowering maximum top mortgage
  6. Adjustment of living expenses standard

    Can we still plan for long-term plans and which mortgage form / provider is the most favorable for me?

    We can help you by looking at your financial situation and future plans together.

    We do not recommend as seller or recipient of the closing fee but in your interest.

    If you want to know more, please contact us.


    For enthusiasts we have an Excel sheet for making some simple calculations. Download 

    The cheapest advisor you see yourself AFM 


    No rights can be derived from this Excel sheet .

    This sheet is intended purely for playing with numbers.
    Finally it is recognized that the mortgage interest deduction is only a part of
    an integral discussion about the entire (unbalanced) housing market. 

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