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High VAT rate to 21% what now 

From 1 October the highest VAT rate goes to 21%, can I still send invoices with 19%?

Transitional measure increase VAT rate to 21%
It comes down to the fact that the moment you deliver a service or good, determines whether you calculate 19% or 21% VAT, and not the moment at which you issue the invoice.
This also means that in the case of invoices in September for services and goods, VAT must be 21%.
This can have major consequences, especially in construction. That is why a transitional arrangement has been made for this: Newly built houses that were purchased before 28 April 2012 with a delivery date after 30 September 2012, the 19% rate will continue to apply for all installments until 1 October 2013.

The legislative proposal with detailed fiscal measures for the 2013 budget agreement states the transitional measure:

  1. You calculate 19% VAT if you provide goods or services before 1 October, even if you issue the invoice on or after that date and / or have the payment received;
  2. You calculate 21% VAT if you provide a good or service after 1 October. If you issue the invoice or receive the payment before that date, you pay 19% VAT. On October 1, however, you still owe the difference between 21% and 19%. You process this amount in the VAT declaration of October or the fourth quarter.
  3. If you provide a property on the basis of an agreement concluded before 1 October for a fee in installments, the VAT rate for the periods expiring before 1 October will remain 19%.
  4. If after 30 September you deliver an immovable property including substances, including land, on the basis of an agreement concluded before 1 October, the VAT rate will remain 19% for the part of the compensation equal to the sum of the On 1 October, deadlines and the costs of the substances made available before that date lapse.

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