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We can throw away an administrative year again in 2009!

Dutch law requires companies and institutions to keep paper, electronic and other documents and messages as email.

For example:

  • The legal retention period for your administration, accounting and payroll administration is 7 years.
  • The retention period for personnel administration is between 2 and 7 years after termination of employment.
  • Documents of the legal form such as shareholders’ register, articles of association, DGA management resolutions, shareholder resolutions, minutes and notarial deeds to which the legal entity is a party must be kept for as long as the legal entity exists.

    NOTE1: If you have bought private items for the BV from private sources, you must also keep these transactions for 7 years.

    NOTE2: Many invoices and bank statements must be downloaded nowadays. These downloads belong to the administration. Download the invoices regularly because most companies do not keep this long. The banks keep the copies digitally for about 15 months.

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