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DGA current account credit

Prevent a current account credit position of € 17,500 or more
Do you have a claim on your own bv? This then falls under box 1 (the progessive rate) under the ‘provision decision scheme’ (TBS scheme). This means an increasing tax on the interest you receive on this claim. The TBS scheme is part of the ‘result from other activities’ source of box 1 and that result is determined in accordance with the rules for the tax profit calculation. This means that for the periods of the year in which you had a claim against your BV, you must draw up a TBS annual account. A debt in current account to your bv is not covered by the TBS regulation. If a debt then arises at any time, the ‘tbs enterprise must be closed with a closing balance sheet: the current account position will then change from box 1 to box 3, also capital tax. This creates a lot of red tape. Fortunately, there is a concession: the DSA does not have to pay tax on the interest in box 1 if its current account receivable does not exceed € 17,500 during the entire calendar year. Of course, the company may not deduct any interest costs. So avoid a credit score of € 17,500 or more.

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