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Deadline for depositing annual accounts

Deadline for depositing the annual accounts
Every eg must deposit the annual accounts with the Chamber of Commerce. After the end of the financial year, you must prepare the financial statements within five months. If there are special circumstances, the shareholders may grant the director a maximum of six months postponement. Once the annual accounts are final, the shareholders have two months to determine it. After this approval, the annual accounts must be filed with the Chamber of Commerce within eight days.
If your company has not been granted a postponement for the preparation of the annual accounts for 2010 – and the financial year runs parallel with the calendar year – the deadline for filing is rapidly approaching! The shareholders must have adopted the annual accounts by 31 July at the latest. Then you must deposit it with the Chamber of Commerce within eight days. If you fail to do this, you will be fined up to more than € 1,000. And in the event of a bankruptcy, you as a director can be held personally liable for debts of the bv.
If your company has received maximum postponement, then the annual accounts for 2010 must reach the Chamber of Commerce no later than 31 January 2011.

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