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Premium discount for small employers

Did you know that as an employer you can receive a premium discount if you employ an unemployed young person, an elderly person or a disabled person? The premium discount can be up to € 7,000 per year per relevant employee.

Small employers

However, small employers can not now fully benefit from premium discounts (redemption problems). The Cabinet is coming up with an adjustment so that from 2016 every employer (large or small) can make use of the premium discounts equally. Unfortunately, this beautiful plan needs a year later and not in 2015.

Cashing issue

Premium discounts can never be more than the amount you pay for employee insurance premiums. If you are a small employer, you may not be able to cash in the entire premium discount.

Implementation adjustment

In order to make it more attractive for small employers to employ unemployed young people, older people and people with a disability, there will also be an implementation adjustment. If everything goes according to plan, the premium discounts will be converted outside the monthly wage tax return from 2016 onwards. Then employers will receive the full amount of premium discount from the tax authorities at the end of the year.

Administrative burden reduction

In this way you, as a small employer, can also benefit optimally from the financial benefit. An additional advantage is an administrative burden reduction, because employers are no longer responsible for the calculation and settlement of premium discounts via the wage tax return. The disadvantage is that the premium discount per employee will be adjusted downwards. More details will follow in the course of 2015.

TIP: Do not forget to request the target statement!

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