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In the Netherlands, clear rules apply with regard to the storage obligation and storage period. Ultimately everyone benefits from clarity and if the general rules in a certain situation do not immediately give the desired clarity then there is always consultation with the tax authorities. Then agreements can be made to measure, so that both the entrepreneur and the tax authorities know what is expected and must be done in the context of business operations and business.

The basic rule is that an accounting and all underlying documents are kept at least 7 years .

With underlying documents you should, for example, think of:

  • quotes, even if orders do not continue
  • contracts and agreements
  • investment budget
  • liquidity budget and overviews
  • VAT administration
  • Payroll administration
  • hours administration if, for example, you work as a freelance (agenda)
  • bank statements (digital)
  • all your purchase and sales invoices
  • legal documents
  • all correspondence with the tax authorities
  • annual accounts
  • stock records, etc.

    Because there is more and more digital going to think about Whatsapp, Email, Messenger, Skype, Google / Apple calendar and mail, it is also important to store these in a backup.If you accidentally delete digital data or have disappeared due to a system crash, you have not complied with the legal obligation to retain data!

    We are increasingly asserting that the inspector asks for proof by requesting the digital agenda, etc. If you can not provide this for whatever reason, you have reversal of the burden of proof!

    TIP: backup very carefully and do not delete old digital data (many free systems do this and automatically)

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