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The 11 most important missteps of a starting entrepreneur: 


  1. No focus on the core business
  2. Want to do everything yourself
  3. No entrepreneurial plan
  4. No marketing and too many advertising expenses
  5. Administration not kept correct or up to date
  6. No adequate debtor management
  7. Do not take future tax assessments into account
  8. No occupational disability insurance taken out or insured too much
  9. No or too little accumulation of reserves. In good times the money also goes on
  10. Increase current account with your own private limited company
  11. Too much mixing business and private
    and the BONUS: Want to start a company with too many people (friends)!

    TIP: Marketing is not just the P of price. Deepen yourself in the matter.

    TIP: Do not let yourself get lost by making mistakes and learn from them and keep focusing on the core business
    TIP: If you are awake as an entrepreneur, do something about it. If there is nothing to do then let go completely.

    See also: 10 steps to start your own company as a ZZPer or DGA of your BV

    \\\ “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing. \\\”

    Walt Disney


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    We are of course also serving customers outside the Amsterdam / Almere region. Our customers are based in Amsterfoort, Bussum, Breukelen, Naarden and Hilversum. 

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