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10 steps to start your own business as ZZPer or DGA of your BV 

10 Steps:

  1. Start with your idea. Your idea does not have to be new to be successful. Many companies have grown by simply reducing existing ones: reducing, accelerating, improving, etc.
  2. Create a business plan. This does not have to be an immense graduation project of hundreds of pages, but must certainly include the following points:
    1. Product / service description
    2. Cost structure product / service and the structure in variable and fixed costs
    3. The size of the market (regional, national or worldwide)
    4. Description of the competition. Who are they, how big and strong are they, how will they compete with your company, where are they located, what does the competition for the product cost the service?
    5. How do you join the market and are there thresholds such as permits?
    6. Financial plan with budget:
    7. Investment plan
    8. Prognosis of the income statement and balance sheet
    9. Cash (cash flow) forecast
    10. Financing plan
    11. The financial plan contains a part for the initial start-up costs, start-up costs and investment plan. This shows whether a financing is necessary. Determine whether you will finance through a bank loan or through informal investors. Informal investors are usually (former) entrepreneurs who want to invest money at an expected higher return than they get in a savings account.
      1. Advantage: Entrepreneur gets free access to the knowledge and experience of the investors.
      2. Disadvantage: The informal investors always want a share in your company.
      3. Compose a marketing plan.
      4. Arrange the fiscally and legally necessary matters
      5. Streamline the following infrastructure:
        1. a) Centralize customer data and supplier data
        2. b) Make the payment system easy (ATM / IDEAL / Bank account)
        3. c) Create a clear administration and make sure it is UP TO DATE. Many starting SME entrepreneurs do not know exactly whether they earn or lose money. It is extremely important in the start-up phase of a company, since it can then be adjusted.
        4. d) Keep historical data both commercially and financially because this is a substantiation of the value (asking price) for any sale of the company.
        5. e) Make backups.
        6. Take the step and start the business. Focus on the order book, profitability and quality where the customer is central. Many starting entrepreneurs have the wrong focus in the beginning for example: Nice office, representative car and fantastically thought out BV structures. The items mentioned are useful, fun and beautiful but are not the primary activities that should focus on.
        7. Use the WWW World Wide Web. Think of a website, webshop, advertisements and advertising etc
        8. Be “lean and mean” (without unnecessary fuss, efficient and effective)
        9. Evaluate points 1 through 9 and improve them because the results achieved in the past offer no guarantee for the future. For instance:
          1. Improve your product or service
          2. Expand your product or service
          3. Adjust your operational and strategic plan to the new conditions
          4. Current competitors are not your future competitors

            TIP: Starting a business takes time, effort and money. Most companies do not earn money immediately. Take this into account especially private.

            TIP: It’s nice that you’ve made your work out of your hobby, but keep a focus on making money.

            NOTE: The time to start for yourself never seems right. There are always reasons not to do something and in this case to postpone your independence.
            Starting from a stamrecht BV is also possible and can have advantages.

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            “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

            Walt Disney


            For additional information about starting a business and becoming an independent entrepreneur in the Almere, Amsterdam or Lelystad region, contact Visee Finance without any obligation. You can ask your questions via the contact form on our website or you can use the “Call me back” “Option. You can also call us by calling +31 36 5304248 . We are of course also serving customers outside the Amsterdam / Almere region. Our customers are located in Amsterfoort, Bussum, Breukelen, Naarden and Hilversum.

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